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Poster Design


Rayland Baxter,


This poster design series was inspired by songs I had on repeat this summer. I utilized three songs from alternative country/indie singer, Rayland Baxter: "If I Were A Butterfly", "Yellow Eyes", and "MTN Song". The project objective was to design posters that reflect the story that Baxter reveals in each track.



Throughout the stages of the poster, I stretched myself to expand on ideas—instead of habitually falling back to my comfort zone of non-conceptual designs. I wanted this project to look different than any other project I have done in the past.

Below are my thumbnails and comps.



“If I Was a Butterfly” began with a detailed illustration of a butterfly. I re-evaluated the piece and utilized both abstract and organic shapes to redefine the butterfly. In the “MTN Song” poster, I took a geometric approach to a mountain that also forms the shape of a heart. In this project, I wanted to push myself to somehow experiment with perspective—as seen in the “Yellow Eyes” poster. 


The posters are connected by a gradient background to help tell the story of growth. “If I Was A Butterfly” talks about rebirth and growing up hopeful of the future. While “Yellow Eyes” describes rolling the dice on a relationship and being afraid of the future. The perspective leads viewers’ eyes to a yellow doorway, symbolizing a light at the end of a tunnel.


This leads viewers to “MTN Song”, where the lyrics describe falling in love and giving the world to your partner. A textured swirl shape was applied horizontally across the posters to portray the uneven path of life. My goal for typography was to support the design and integrate it with the other design elements. I applied a blending mode as well as motion blur to merge the type with the design. 

Listen to Rayland Baxter here

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