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Wedding Design System


Design Objective

Weddings are challenging in many ways. But when a graphic designer and a videographer get married—that is a whole different level of expectation and challenges. Chandler and I really wanted our day to feel personal and not forced to be extravagant/super-trendy.


Creating something so special and making it print ready, aligning text, and using a folding bone for each invitation is definitely not a common thing for a bride to get excited about. Scroll down to see a glimpse into our day!


I created the stationery package with a minimal theme. My desire was for the print elements to be timeless—void of color and trendy wedding iconography. The invitation contains information and a line drawing of the wedding venue. The illustrations are consistent through the choice of similar line weight and brush type. 


I was passionate about making our friends and family feel loved and appreciated through the wedding season. One of the ways I did that was illustrating each member at our head table as their name cards. Assigned seating usually feels sterile, but the illustrations were a fun touch and our family were encouraged to take them home. 



For my wedding, I was passionate about not wasting print materials. Ninety percent of the time wedding programs get thrown away right after the ceremony. My desire was to create a print product that guests could read before the ceremony started and would want to keep as memorabilia. I designed a "newspaper" that told our story, shared our first texts and honored loved ones that are no longer with us. 

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