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Brand Identity + Social Media

Wolfgang, a clothing boutique



Wolfgang is a women's clothing boutique in the heart of Riverside, Jacksonville. I have shopped at Wolfgang for a couple years and noticed they did not have a brand identity—aside from their store entrance sign. One design objective was to give the store an identity that matched the unique inventory and character of the company. 

The store carries trendy clothing that caters to young adult females.  In addition to their youthful pieces, Wolfgang offers a collection of vintage items for sale. Throughout the design process, I blended vintage and youthful elements to mirror the store's offerings. 

Social Media Content

The other objective was to enhance the social media content for Wolfgang. Their current social presence is active but not effective. By using more graphic elements, the posts stand out and will increase exposure. Their target audience is young adult women, which is a large percentage of social media users. I paired imagery with eye-catching text and the brand colors. 

Design Applications

Final Designs

Creating an Identity



For the typography I used Bookmania and Bio Sans. Bookmania has really fun swashes within the glyphs of the typeface. I paired Bookmania with Bio Sans—a clean sans serif font that did not compete with the primary font. 


Color Palette

The colors I chose for the brand combine warm and cool tones—to further represent the merge of vintage and modern feel of the store.

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