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Candle Package Design

Momni Boutique candle line

Design Objective

A few years ago, as the graphic designer for Momni Boutique, I designed the labels for their candle line. This year, I expanded this project by creating packaging for the candles. The design objective was to match the same style of the candle labels—that I designed three years ago—and create a seamless system for the candle line. 

Untitled_Artwork 261.png
Untitled_Artwork 261.png

Design Approach

Each lid of the box has a texture applied that correlates with the name of the candle. The organic shapes represent the flames and smoke that rises from the lit candles. The color choices for the label and packages are muted tones of pink and orange. The scent notes of each candle are listed on the side of the box—because the label does not list the scent notes. 

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